GFM and Poster Awards


2014 APS/DFD Milton van Dyke Award (Video)

  • V012.     The Hidden Complexities of the Simple Match
    Victor Miller, Matthew Tilghman, Ronald Hanson, Stanford University
  • V016.     Laser impact on a drop
    Alexander L. Klein, Claas Willem  Visser, Wilco Bouwhuis, University of Twente; Henri Lhuissier,  Université Paris Diderot; Chao Sun, Jacco H. Snoeijer, University of Twente; Emmanuel Villermaux, Aix-Marseille Université; Detlef Lohse,  University of Twente
  • V038.     Faraday instability in floating drops
    Giuseppe Pucci, Université Paris Diderot; Martine Ben Amar, Ecole Normale Supérieure,  Université Paris Diderot; Yves Couder, Université Paris Diderot

2014 APS/DFD Gallery of Fluid Motion Award (Video)

  • V015.     Raindrop impact on a sandy surface
    Xiang Cheng, Runchen Zhao, Qianyun Zhang, Hendro Tjugito, University of Minnesota
  • V073.     Buckling instability of crown sealing
    Jeremy Marston, Texas Tech University, Mohammad Mansoor, KAUST, Tadd Truscott, Brigham Young University, Siggi Thoroddsen, KAUST
  • V084.     The splash within a collapsing cavitation bubble
    Outi Supponen, Philippe Kobel, Mohamed Farhat, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne

2014 APS/DFD Milton van Dyke Award (Poster)

  • P0006.  Taylor's Forest
    Gregoire Lemoult, Philipp Maier, Bjorn Hof, IST, Austria
  • P0059.  Portrait of a Flow in 3 Colors
    Natalie Agre, Jun Zhang, Leif Ristroph, New York University
  • P0060.  Matryoshka Cavity
    Tate Fanning, Chris Mabey, Kyle Bodily, Randy Hurd, Zhao Pan, Madison Boyer, Tadd Truscott, Brigham Young University

2014 APS/DFD Gallery of Fluid Motion Award (Poster)

  • P0007.  Soap film visualization of 2D vortex shedding in VAWT
    Daniel Araya, John Dabiri, California Institute of Technology
  • P0034.  The many faces of a Leidenfrost drop
    Xiaolei Ma, Juan-Jose Lietor-Santos, Justin Burton, Emory University
  • P0036. Cellular two-dimensional flames
    Christophe, Almarcha, Joel Quinard, Bruno Denet, Elias Al-Sarraf, Jean-Marie Laugier, Emmanuel Villermaux, Aix Marseille Universite, France

  2014 APS Student Poster Competition Award Winners  


Winner: F2.33 Modeling The Optimal Heat Transfer Fluidization Velocity In Gas-Fluidized Beds Thomas Predey, Jon Bougie, Aleksandr Goltsiker


1st Prize: F2.6 Experimental Investigation Of Passive Shock Wave Mitigation Using Obstacle Arrangements Monica Nguyen, Qian Wan, Veronica Eliasson

2nd Prize: F2.4 On The Stability Of Homogeneous Three-dimensional Turbulent Flows Ananda Mishra, Sharath Girimaji


Winner: F2.17 Mechanism Of The Lift Force Acting On A Levitating Drop Over A Moving Surface Masafumi Saito, Yoshiyuki Tagawa, Masaharu Kameda


Winner: F2.19 The Recreation Of A Unique Shrimp’s Mechanically Induced Cavitation Bubble Ryan Miller, Christopher Dougherty, Veronica Eliasson, Gauri Khanolkar