Instructions For All Poster Presenters

Gallery of Fluid Motion Posters, F1: Poster Session and F2: Student Poster Competition


Please note there are different set up locations depending on your poster category.
Poster Session F1: Poster Session: Set up in the Convention Center, Level 2 - Lobby
Poster Session F2: Student Poster Competition: Set up in the Convention Center, Level 3 - Lobby
Gallery of Fluid Motion Posters: Set up in the Convention Center, Level 3 - Lobby

Please place your poster in the correct poster session location as indicated above.

Boards will be in place and numbered by 13:00 on Saturday. Entries may be put up between 13:00 and 20:00 on Saturday evening, 22 November, or between 07:00 and 09:00 on Sunday, 23 November.

  • Entries are to be mounted in the numbered space that has been reserved for it.
  • Refer to the poster listing for poster number and correct poster display location.
  • Velcro and pushpins will be provided. Presenters must bring any other supplies needed to mount their posters.
  • Poster boards (a little less than one-half of an 8-foot long x 4-foot high poster board for each entry i.e., 45″ x 45″) will be available for mounting.


Poster authors must be by their board for the sessions F1 and F2 on Sunday, 23 November from 18:15-19:00.


Presenters must dismantle their posters by noon on Tuesday, 25 November. After that they will be ­discarded.

Please Note: Speaker Ready Room is located in the Convention Center, Level 2 - Alcove F.